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How Podium Tripled Campaign Capacity Without Hiring

Vivien Leung March 4, 2021

Podium was growing fast, and so was its campaign output


Podium is a messaging platform for local businesses, and they’ve been growing very, very quickly. The company was ranked 13th fastest growing company in America in the 2018 Inc. 5000 awards.

We were adding people to the Marketing team, almost monthly, to run campaigns. Which is great! But infrastructure was kind of thought of last.

Despite the team’s talent, the high volume of campaigns resulted in a somewhat chaotic process


Brandon was still the only one tasked with executing all campaign requests.

“First, demand gen marketers would fill out a form in our project management software, it would include who you want to send it to, what campaigns to associate it with, and a link to a copy doc.” Brandon told us.

I would clone a template we have built out in Marketo, edit the Smart Campaigns, adjust the audiences, then I would start to copy-and-paste, and copy-and-paste, and copy-and-paste…

And that usually wasn’t the end of it.

More than 50% of the time, critical components like images or CTAs would be missing.

“I would ask for more information and then they either get back to me or I would Slack them the next morning saying I need an answer in order to send it.”

This process resulted in a lot of last minute, rushed work.

“Then I’m triple-checking it myself to make sure the email looks good and everything is working. By this point, I sometimes don’t even have time to send a sample to the requester, I just sample myself.”

Both hiring or training people to execute Marketo campaigns came with disadvantages


“For most marketing operations teams, if you want to send more emails, you think about adding headcount. That seems like the only solution.”

So naturally, Brandon was looking at the possibility of hiring or training. However…

Training more people in Marketo is a very dangerous game. And hiring people who are simply trained to send emails in Marketo doesn’t make for the most fulfilling of jobs.

Luckily, they didn’t have to stay stuck between a rock and a hard place for long. Brandon and his team came across Jeto’s booth at the 2019 Marketo Summit and immediately realized there was a better way to manage campaign execution.

“Jeto really does solve something that you didn’t realize was as big of a problem as it is.”

We weren’t searching for a tool like Jeto, but when we found it, we realized what we were missing.

Brandon and his team had assumed back-and-forths and manual execution would always be part of their campaign process. But with Jeto, that’s no longer the case.

With Jeto, anyone can self-serve Marketo campaigns –marketing ops just has to review & launch

Everyone knows how to fill out a form, and that’s how easy it is to launch Marketo campaigns from Jeto.

“Being able to get new people running campaigns instantaneously, without having to stress about teaching them Marketo, has been a gold mine.”

“After just 1 hour of Jeto onboarding, I thought it was just very intuitive.”

You just take a tokenized program, you associate each token with each field –boom. Now programs are created when the requester hits submit.

Instead of spending hours on individual builds, now the first time Brandon needs to lay eyes on an email is the morning he’s sending it.

“With Jeto, campaign execution went from being half my job to 30 minutes of review in the mornings.”

Adoption was simple. “Marketers were already filling out a form, now it’s just a different form. They didn’t have to skip a beat.”

“The Jeto visual email editor lets requesters understand what they’re building better. It’s hard to block things out for a template in a word doc.”

Podium tripled email requests they could support YoY – without hiring or training

Total emails Podium sent with Marketo

It might be hard to believe, but during all this time, Brandon was still the only one executing Marketo campaigns at Podium. And despite that not changing, Podium was able to triple their total emails delivered from 2019 to 2020.

I used to require a minimum send list, but with Jeto it takes a whole whopping 5 minutes to review & hit send.

“We went from 5.4M emails sent to 2019 to 17.2M in 2020. That’s 3x growth without hiring anyone, I was still the only one executing campaigns in Marketo.”

“Our audience grew a little bit, but I give Jeto a lot of attribution for the unique email sends because before I could only work on so many emails.”

With Jeto, lowering campaign execution costs is just where the ROI starts

Marketers with no Marketo background are empowered to create more cohesive and creative messaging. Marketing operations resources are freed to build structures that accelerate scaling.

Jeto has created a domino effect in my ability to be a more effective asset to Podium. It gives me more time to work on strategic marketing operations projects that help the business and add to my skill set.


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