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Scale Marketo campaign operations with Jeto

You can increase campaign output without hiring or training. Seriously!
Here are four ways Jeto changes the game.

Self-serve Marketo Campaigns

You can create in-depth documentation and provide extensive training. But the truth is that Marketo is a complex, sophisticated program, so you’re probably still fielding tons of marketer questions.

So out of sheer frustration, you might decide to handle campaign execution yourself. But before you know it, campaign requests are piling up and you realize you’ve spent half the week chasing down missing information.

We’re here to offer you a better alternative.

Jeto enables users to own campaign builds from A-to-Z, without your intervention. All you’ll have to do is review and launch!

Users will know exactly what to do because instructions and limitations are built into Jeto’s intake forms. They’ll even be able to preview emails and landing pages in our visual editor, turning modules on and off!

Everyone knows how to fill out a form, and that’s how easy it is to launch Marketo campaigns from Jeto.

Jeto gives marketers more control over content development while also reducing marketing operations workload and increasing output. It’s a win-win-win!

Jeto clients also use our platform to enable franchisees, dealerships, independent sales consultants and more. Learn more.

Automated Marketo Execution

When you were envisioning your career in marketing operations, you were probably not expecting this much copy-pasting to be involved.

There are so many strategic initiatives that would improve marketing productivity for the long term. But when campaigns need to go out the door, it’s tough to prioritize anything else.

If you’ve dreamed of automating all the folder management, clicking, and copy-pasting involved in building out Marketo programs, we have some great news!

Jeto builds programs and assets automatically so you don’t have to.

Our intake forms map directly to your tokens and auto-populate the values when end-users hit submit. We also drop completed campaigns in the folder of your choice.

Keep Untrained Users Out of Marketo

Have you ever spent days (or weeks) fixing the damage caused by someone accidentally making changes to master templates? Or had communications go out to the wrong people?

We had a small department send a message to all 1 million people in our database. There were conversations about people being let go, and we definitely didn’t want that.

With Jeto, they don’t have to worry about send list or formatting mistakes. They can just focus on the message and getting it right.

Letting untrained marketers self-serve Marketo campaigns is risky. But adding headcount isn’t always an option.

With Jeto, you don’t have to pick between risking your instance or doing all the work yourself.

Enable anyone to self-serve Marketo campaigns without giving them access to your instance.

Brand Consistency

A lot of planning and work go into building out program and asset templates inside Marketo. Especially if you have multiple brands or regions.

But for most marketing operations teams, adoption is a barrier to the effectiveness of their templates. Users can accidentally pick the wrong version or have difficulty using them, maybe even breaking them by accident.

Lockdown your templates while making it easier for them to be cloned and modified by end-users, with Jeto.

Jeto’s intake forms map to tokens and automatically clone and update from your templates – without end-users ever accessing those templates directly!

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