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Communications Equipment

With Jeto, Poly was able to achieve a 60% decrease in campaign turnaround time while also reducing their team’s involvement in technical execution. 

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Software Company

Podium went from 5.4M emails sent in 2019 to 17.2M in 2020. Brandon was still the only one executing campaigns in Marketo. That’s 3x growth without hiring anyone. Here’s how Jeto helped. 

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Distributed Marketing

Jeto enabled Intimo’s 2000 independent sales consultants to easily create and launch Marketo campaigns without ever stepping foot inside the platform. As a result, campaign creation and launch times have decreased by more than 80%!

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Before Jeto, this leading public research institution had over 300 people, from different schools, using Marketo. When a small department accidentally sent a message to all 1 million leads in the database, they started looking for a change and found Jeto. 

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