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How Mendix Leveraged Jeto’s API to Improve Attribution

Lindsay DiLemmo August 25, 2023

Mendix is a low-code application development platform that works with global organizations to reimagine the way they develop applications with their platform’s cutting-edge capabilities. 

The marketing operations team at Mendix is responsible for campaign operations around webinars and live events, consisting of email execution and landing page development. Like most marketing operations teams, Mendix was looking to automate processes, cut down on manual execution, and improve attribution to regain focus on high-priority projects.

The Problem 


The biggest pain point Mendix experienced was around templates in Marketo – they lacked a standardized process and required a solution that would allow them to streamline processes and fulfill data quality requirements. 

The Mendix team had many data-driven projects – with one major one being synthesizing data from Marketo to create a complete ledger of inbound interactions, complete with tracking codes, in a way where the data from all campaigns “spoke the same language.” 

Their team needed an all-encompassing solution that would offer governance to non-technical team members who submit campaign requests, as well as API and data-tracking capabilities.

Mendix’s goal was to:

  1. Automate as much as possible
  2. Standardize campaign execution
  3. Gain insights into the ROI of their campaigns. 

Mendix partnered with MERGE, Jeto’s parent company, for their marketing operations needs, so it was a natural fit to add Jeto to their tech stack.

The Solution


“We were able to set up Jeto in a way where no one could do anything in Marketo without going through Jeto first – no other integration allowed this.”

Leveraging Jeto’s API enabled the Mendix team to standardize all campaign requests to create unique tracking codes that could be pushed to Jeto and Marketo in a templatized format.

By leveraging Jeto as the single point of entry, Mendix was able to simplify campaign requests upfront and automate processes. Once they were confident in their team’s ability to execute campaigns self-sufficiently, they began to leverage Jeto in a new way: to help with data quality fixes and attribution.

Mendix leveraged data tracking within Jeto to gain insights into the ROI of campaigns, with a process looking like this:

  1. Users submit a form in Formcrafts which produces the campaign ID 
  2. Campaign information is auto-piloted to Jeto – users don’t have to enter the same information twice
  3. A task is created in Asana – all campaign information is now in the same location, allowing team members to keep track of progress 

The Results 


“Across the process from request to reporting, Jeto saves us an hour of time per campaign. Countless questions are eliminated and our processes are more efficient – AND we have peace of mind that our campaigns are being executed to the highest quality.”

At a high level, the Mendix team was able to: 

  1. Move the intake of all campaign requests through an upfront form (Formcrafts)
  2. Store campaign requests information in a database (Microsoft SQL Server)
  3. Automatically create tracking codes for campaigns
  4. Push tracking codes to Jeto, so that:
    1. The Campaign Owner never has to understand the backend or that the tracking codes exist.
    2. The Campaign Owner saves time – they no longer need to remember which Jeto Launcher to use as it’s now automatically drafted for them. 
    3. The tracking code now syncs from Jeto to Marketo, so that it exists in the system of record and can be associated with all leads who then interact with that Campaign.

Now, Jeto is integrated as part of the project management process, rather than being an extra piece. Jeto has enabled the Mendix team “a whole new ability to track ROI” and 100% coverage of inbound interactions.



“Jeto takes away the back-and-forth. Self-servicing has been the biggest game changer – marketers can take control of their assets.”

Rather than spending hours on tedious, manual work and constant QA, the Mendix team has been able to regain their focus on process improvements and high-impact projects – aka the things you wish your team could be spending more time on. Not only this, but they can also track the ROI of campaigns and ultimately improve their marketing attribution efforts.

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