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How TD SYNNEX Public Sector Was Able to Cut Campaign Execution Time in Half

Lindsay DiLemmo August 30, 2023

TD SYNNEX Public Sector is a premier government solutions distributor that specializes in accelerating public sector growth for technology companies in the federal, state, local, education, utilities, and healthcare markets. TD SYNNEX Public Sector is a division of TD SYNNEX, a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator.

Within TD SYNNEX Public Sector, the marketing operations team sits in the marketing department, where they are responsible for handling campaign execution on behalf of their customers. Like most marketing operations teams, TD SYNNEX Public Sector often has its hands full with several emails going out at a time to service its more than 300 technology vendors and 10,000 resellers clients. 

To cut down on execution time and reduce human error, TD SYNNEX Public Sector was looking for a solution that would expedite campaign execution to ultimately serve more clients.

The Problem 


TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s small yet mighty marketing operations team is responsible for handling campaign execution for technology vendors and resellers – yet they were still relying on a time-consuming, convoluted form.

Although their team’s goal is to build processes in a way that can be as seamless as possible, this is easier said than done when your team is constantly operating at capacity.

Their goal was simple – avoid copying and pasting to reduce human error and set up processes to enable scaling.

After meeting the Jeto team at Adobe Summit in 2019, they quickly saw reason to add Jeto to their tech stack, including Jeto’s deep expertise in Marketo

The Solution


Leveraging Jeto has allowed the TD SYNNEX Public Sector team to turn campaigns around quickly so they can ultimately serve more customers. Best of all, the team was able to customize their intake forms to include the information needed for campaigns. 

TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s customers are now able to log into Jeto and input their campaign details. Jeto takes care of identifying the right program and creates the entire program and assets in Marketo within a few seconds. Admins are notified once it’s ready and from here, they are able to QA and push the campaign live through Marketo. 

Not only does this help with standardization, but it’s also useful for users to see what their email will look like with their images, call-to-actions (CTA), and copy plugged in. Jeto encourages users to have all the campaign details ready at one time – if the user doesn’t have all the required information, they can save their work as a draft but cannot submit a partial campaign with missing pieces.

Jeto’s Integration with Workfront


The TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s team is leveraging Jeto’s API integration called Jeto Connect, a module that allows users to easily integrate Jeto data into any marketing technology and automate workflows. This feature makes it easy for Jeto users to integrate campaign data with any other cloud application.

With Jeto Connect, TD SYNNEX Public Sector was able to increase campaign execution and eliminate extra steps and complications around email execution.

Previously, the TD SYNNEX Public Sector team had to enter information into Workfront and wait. Now, TD SYNNEX Public Sector marketers are able to enter the information into Workfront, and through the magic of Jeto Connect, not only is the marketing operations team notified but the data is also pushed into Jeto and the Marketo program. The assets are also created simultaneously.

Prior to working with Jeto, TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s marketing operations team was decentralized. Since working with Jeto, they’ve graduated to a centralized model and plan on continuing to expand their templates. They also plan on leveraging more Jeto launchers and varying the types of campaigns and initiatives.

The Results 


Through Jeto, TD SYNNEX Public Sector was able to cut its campaign production time in half. 

The TD SYNNEX Public Sector team reported that managing the volume of campaigns has been easier, and leveraging Jeto has changed the way that they approach campaigns – now, they look at things from an agile perspective.



As our client puts it, “Marketing operations is an assembly line and Jeto removes the unnecessary stations in the queue, leading to much more consistent campaigns and faster execution times.” 

Our client was able to reap the benefits of Jeto’s flexibility – “If you want to change processes along the road, you have the freedom to do so.”

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