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Easing IT Tension with Jeto

Jeto Team July 30, 2018

For more than two decades IT departments have been growing exponentially. Surprisingly, it isn’t just because companies, networks, or technologies have grown, it’s really because the application of the knowledge IT departments represent has exploded, allowing new skill and career areas to develop. You’d think this would bring relief, but instead, many members of IT teams are feeling extra pressure!

In an ideal world, the IT department should work like your nervous system, actively carrying information to and from your other departments to help them function, while also passively keeping your business alive. Increasingly IT is instead bogged down with troubleshooting, fixing bugs, software updating, error patching, hardware upgrading, and more. The signals your company needs don’t get where they need to go, leaving IT with a massive headache.

Pain Points

As time and technology advance, systems grow more complex and specialized. This leaves end-users at a disadvantage; without significant time and training, their ability to easily use the systems they rely on falls behind. When the system or its various parts fails, they call IT. Whether tech support is internal or external, it takes time away from both teams to solve even simple problems.

Another concern is growth and scalability. As your teams, company, and clients get bigger, your tech needs will grow with them. This may mean more or newer hardware, more powerful software, and more specialized IT staff to implement and maintain it. That, in turn, means your other team members will need training, and inevitably more calls to tech support.

For marketing especially, whether your teams (and partners) are local or remote, brand quality is something you want to maintain. Too wide a variety of hardware, software, and user training or skill level means that keeping the level of quality across your campaigns will be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.

Ice Pack

To relieve some of these pressures, you might use a platform like Marketo for marketing automation—it helps streamline the process from development to publishing by automating your marketing campaigns. This lets the marketing team plan content, control when it’s pushed or published, and then leave it alone.

However, inevitably the problem appears again with size and scale. Marketo is super user-friendly to a point, but it requires in-depth knowledge and training for people to be able to configure and maintain campaigns and programs effectively. Then having just a few trained people creating more and more campaigns puts a seemingly insurmountable strain on the marketing operations team, which then brings us right back to square one.

Enter Jeto

Fortunately, there’s a way forward. Jeto is a web-based application for marketing automation. With a simple user interface and workflow, Jeto enables non-technical teams to produce marketing campaigns without requiring specialized technical knowledge. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with Marketo.

The web-based access lets branding remain consistent and controlled across campaigns, as it’s set by the MarOps team. Importantly, the simplicity of the interface for the users at large greatly reduces the amount of training needed for any team members, be they internal or external—in short, if they can fill out a web form, they can use Jeto!

By securely enabling the non-tech members of a team to truly automate their marketing process, Jeto frees up your IT team to spend less time on tech support and more time on innovation and application. It keeps your marketing team moving forward without a need to slow down and pick up the phone. It stops the headaches and keeps everyone off the nerves of IT.

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