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CNH Industrial Kickstarts Their Marketing Operations Transformation with Jeto

Learn how the marketing operations team at CNH Industrial leveraged Jeto to empower users to self-serve their marketing campaigns.

Vivien Leung May 25, 2022

 CNH kickstarts their marketing operations transformation

CNH Industrial is a global leader in the manufacturing and sale of agricultural and construction machinery. More specifically, CNH Industrial sells across multiple brands through a network of independent dealerships. 

The North American Commercial Services marketing operations department supports five marketing teams, spanning the Case IH, Case Construction, and New Holland brands as well as the aftermarket parts and financing divisions for both Customer and Dealer communications. This team is made up of two key members – Nikki Hawver and Nate Johnson.

As a result, their Marketo instance includes partitions to keep lead information separate and they are often in the position of integrating legacy systems of the different teams. 

In other words, they seriously had their work cut out for them.


The company launched a project aimed at improving the CNH dealer experience, and as part of that, they wanted to change the way messages were communicated. 

“First, we wanted to transition away from a legacy mailing system that was first developed in the 1970s. Second, we wanted to have a better idea of who was getting what and whether we had an impact,” Nikki told us. 

Basically, people from different divisions would send email notifications to dealers without awareness of what others sent to the same people. We had no visibility either, as a marketing operations team. The legacy tool allows text-only emails with attachments. Obviously, this is a less than desirable experience for dealers – actually, it’s really awful!

In addition, because Marketo requires a certain skill set, there are select people inside CNH Industrial that have the technical know-how.  Nikki and Nate were spending about 40 percent of their time on campaign-related administrative tasks.

Instead of finding ways to make marketing more effective, they were doing things like checking from addresses, making sure preference center links are available, and of course, the dreaded back-and-forths over revisions and missing information. 

Since I save all email-related correspondences, I can see how many back-and-forths we have with marketers. In one case, it ended up being over 70!

Nikki couldn’t help but ask herself, “How much time are we wasting on campaign builds? There has to be a better way.” 


Nikki likes that Jeto provides a user-friendly interface where anyone could build and make edits to Marketo programs. 

Empowering marketers takes out a lot of the back-and-forth and highly administrative work. Marketers can build things and make their own corrections, freeing our time for other activities.

And she found onboarding with Jeto was a good experience as well.

“Personally, I didn’t have a lot of coding background,” Nikki told us.

“The Jeto team was super helpful in developing templates and helping us use tokens. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but the team has been super responsive and helpful. Now, we have a very specific organizational structure and naming convention so we can easily find what we need in Marketo to get reporting out.” 

Nate agrees, “Just jumping right in when we first got Jeto was pretty intuitive. It’s a good user experience for non-technical people that need to get messaging out.”


So how did CNH empower marketers to build, review, and launch their own campaigns?

First, Nikki and Nate created “launchers” inside Jeto that correspond to each of their program templates.

From there, marketers simply fill in a form that populates program tokens. Jeto then shows marketers a preview of all emails in the program. And marketers can make revisions until they are satisfied. 

“Users were really comfortable with filling out a form to get an email sent. You don’t need any technical experience; you just answer some questions.”

The biggest win is probably that marketers are able to turn on and off sections of an email, changing the look and feel while still maintaining brand standards. We’re down to 6 templates from 54.

Jeto guardrails gave Nikki and Nate peace of mind. They were confident in letting marketers self-serve because they could lock down branding elements, establish character limits, image size restrictions, and more. 

Just how much confidence do Nikki and Nate put in Jeto? They actually enable businesspeople to send Marketo emails to Dealer personnel through Jeto without much intervention on their part at all. 

“I still get copied, I’m still on the seed list, and I still troubleshoot occasionally. But for the most part, the users have everything they need to get their message out.”


Jeto enabled the CNH marketing operations team to:

  • Sunset an antiquated mailing system that offered no visibility on anything sent.
  • Upgrade from text-only emails to HTML emails with imaging and interactive components.
  • Cut down on the administrative work related to campaign launches.

But the true value of these efficiency gains is the time that their marketing operations team has regained. 

“We’re not stuck doing the same thing month-over-month when there’s really no need. We can focus on seeing the engagement, understanding who’s getting emails, and who’s opening. We can provide fact-based analytics so leadership can determine the next steps for improving the dealer experience,” Nikki said. 

With Jeto in place, we have more bandwidth to use some of the other great features Marketo offers to improve marketers’ goals in connecting (potential) customers with our dealers.

Jeto has features for every step of campaign execution.

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