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Campaign Operations

Campaign Operations is Broken – We Built Jeto to Fix it

Lindsay DiLemmo November 1, 2021

We’ve all been there – spending way too much time tracking down missing information, waiting for replies, endless copy-pasting, and other repetitive tasks. These are the elements of campaign operations that most marketers and Marketo admins dread, yet somehow, it’s coincidentally where they spend a majority of our time.

So, what gives? How can marketers and Marketo admins escape this dreaded cycle of repetitive manual work, and get back to the high-level strategic work they’re passionate about? Most importantly, how can we fix campaign operations for good?

We have one word for you: Jeto.

The Jeto Story

Just like the scenario above, MERGE witnessed these struggles by not only our clients, but also our team.

“It all started with listening to MERGE clients as well as the consultants themselves. We learned that manual builds were a recurring pain point. Especially cloning programs, filling tokens, activating campaigns, over and over for the same template. Very quickly, we recognized these were things that could be automated with software. ”David Desrosiers, Vice President of Product and Engineering at Jeto

And so the MERGE team got to work building a solution.

“We built five versions of Jeto for individual clients before we decided to push it as a product, each time reassessing its value. Once we realized that Jeto could really solve problems for the Marketo community at large – we quickly dedicated 100% of the team resources to launch it.” David Desrosiers, Vice President of Product and Engineering at Jeto

Fast forward to today, Jeto is a Marketo integration that simplifies and automates campaign operations. We’ll let the numbers do the talking: with 35,000+ campaigns launched and 1,500+ active users, Jeto has empowered countless enterprise marketing operations teams to take control of their campaign operations.

You may be wondering, how exactly does Jeto allow users to take control of their campaign operations? It’s simple – by enabling users to easily build email and landing pages with user-friendly visual editors (yes, this means code-free!), Jeto offers more autonomy for marketers and less grunt work for marketing operations professionals.

Just take a look at one of Jeto’s clients, Poly, who experienced a 60 percent decrease in campaign turnaround time while also reducing their team’s involvement in the technical execution. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Campaign operations quote

💡 Interested in learning more about how Jeto transformed Poly’s campaign execution strategy? Read the full case study.

Everything You Need to Know about Jeto

Now, we understand that with any new MarTech product comes a series of questions, which is why we’ve included a mini Q&A series from Jeto’s Senior Marketing Manager, Vivien Leung.

Who was Jeto built for?

In short, anyone who spends too much time building campaigns in Marketo!

Jeto is ideal for teams who want to maintain governance over their database, templates, and privacy compliance while still enabling Marketing, Sales, and other departments to launch Marketo campaigns autonomously.

What types of Marketo programs is Jeto compatible with?

You can use Jeto for email sends, events, webinars, and SMS campaigns.

How exactly does Jeto automate Marketo program creation?

Jeto launchers contain form fields that map to tokens in your Marketo programs and assets. In addition, you can upload and resize images from inside Jeto so that they meet your set image dimension requirements.

To ensure no mistakes are made, you can add guardrails such as character limits and input masks to the form fields.

Once a campaign is submitted from Jeto, a complete program according to the folder structure and set naming convention, will be automatically created.

Want to see Jeto in action? Check out this four-minute demo that reviews how users can seamlessly create, approve, and share campaigns in Jeto.

How does Jeto make it possible for untrained users to create their own programs?

We’ll let our client answer this one:

“Everyone knows how to fill out a form, and that’s how easy it is to launch Marketo campaigns from Jeto.” Brandon from Podium

It’s as simple as that. Jeto’s UI is designed to be intuitive, and it doesn’t stop at the form. We offer visual editors for email and landing page creation so that users can visualize their assets, turn modules on and off without going through a specialist, and send themselves samples.

Basically, Jeto provides everything for users to leverage on-brand templates autonomously. And the final result?

Marketers who feel greater ownership over their work. They feel confident that they can finally do everything themselves, and they no longer need to mess around inside Marketo or wait for specialists to do it for them.

How will Jeto change my campaign operations process?

Generally, adopting Jeto will require some changes. The most prevalent change will be transitioning to a hybrid approach between centralization and decentralization.

You may be wondering, why is this change necessary?

We all know that automation is crucial for efficiency, but we also need to ensure that organizations maintain a human element, which is crucial for engaging with consumers.

The good news is that you’ll start seeing lower campaign execution time as soon as the first users are inside Jeto. So fear not! The change is actually quite swift and painless.

💡 Still wondering what a hybrid approach is and what all it entails? You’re in luck, because Jeto defines this and more in their blog, “Centralize, Decentralize… What’s the Best Option.” Read here.

What is the onboarding process like – does it take long?

If your programs are already tokenized, it won’t take long to get everything connected. If your programs are not tokenized, you’ll have to complete this step first.

Since there’s almost no training involved, you’ll begin seeing results in just a few weeks! These results consist of:

  • Reduced campaign build times
  • More bandwidth in requests the team can handle
  • Reduced campaign mistakes
  • More teams launching Marketo campaigns

And more!

Why is Jeto the best choice for Marketo users?

Jeto is a Marketo-specific platform that is built specifically to play well with Marketo. You can leverage your built-for-Marketo program and asset templates, and we’ll respect your folder structures and naming conventions. You won’t ever need to worry about Jeto creating duplicates of templates that clutter up your instance.

What’s the difference between Jeto, a campaign operations platform, and an email building platform?

Jeto is not intended to execute email design and creation. But, you may choose to use one in addition to Jeto. In fact, many of our clients do!

Instead, Jeto is designed to remove collaboration inefficiencies and reduce manual work involved in the Marketo campaign process.

We provide features like:

  • Build automation
  • On-asset commenting
  • User role management
  • Email and landing page editors

💡 Did you know? With Jeto, you can clone any program type, including webinars and landing pages, all from one submission, whereas email-building platforms can typically only clone one email in a program.

How does Jeto help manage the approvals process?

The Jeto admin can assign roles. From here, they can determine which users see which launchers. Users can also leave comments directly on assets, tag colleagues, and respond to comments, as seen below.

Campaign Operations Approval Process

Jeto also has an additional feature where you can enable users to launch campaigns directly from Jeto.

Launch a Jeto campaign

Does my Marketo instance need to be set up a certain way in order to use Jeto?

In order to get started, you’ll need a tokenized Marketo program template that will be cloned by Jeto. This program must include:

  • All required smart campaigns
  • All required assets
  • All tokens listed at the program level and set in the assets

Can I connect Jeto with my project management or CRM software?

Yes! Jeto will be releasing its API in November 2021. Users will be able to connect their project management tool or CRM in order to trigger campaign-related activities.

What other use cases does Jeto have, aside from campaign builds?

The best part about Jeto, is that it has benefits for departments other than marketing operations. Whether it’s your HR department sending company-wide monthly newsletters or your Product Team leveraging Jeto to capture your Net Promoter Score (NPS) through a Marketo landing page, Jeto is a versatile tool that can support multiple departments’ initiatives.

💡 Interested in learning more ways Jeto can support your organization? Read more here.

Take the next step and see Jeto in action! Book a demo today.

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