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Campaign Operations

How Poly Combines Centralization and Self-Serve for Campaign Ops

Vivien Leung September 10, 2021
We're meeting a higher volume of projects within the same time frames. Jeto has taken out a lot of the busy work. - Allie van Aken, Poly

50 years ago, Neil Armstong and Buzz Aldrin took Poly headsets to the moon. Today, Poly has 6500 employees in 75 global offices and 100% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Poly’s audio and video products. 

Allie van Aken is the Marketing Automation Campaign Operations Manager at Poly. She manages a central marketing automation team of seven supporting eight different departments spanning revenue, marketing, sales, and HR. 

“It’s a lot of responsibility,” Allie told us, “We’re the team that’s in Marketo, creating all the campaigns.”

Beyond the marketing automation service model Allie’s team uses for campaign creation, they also manage overall marketing operations and marketing infrastructure, providing playbooks, templates and a “menu of services” for eight other departments to use.  

“Our mission is to create digital experiences that delight and engage our customers, and that’s twofold: the Poly customer and our internal customers, i.e. the other departments.”


Though Allie’s team is well-organized and properly resourced, they are continually seeking to improve and innovate. “I think there’s always a desire for things to go faster,” she told us, “and for requesters to have more autonomy.”

“I would say one frustration was the back-and-forth between the requester, project manager, and Marketo specialist on the edit and review cycle, especially since time zones could propose an additional layer of complexity.”

These issues were magnified when the pandemic hit. Campaign requests suddenly jumped by 30% quarter over quarter. Customer outreach and in-person events all had to go virtual and they lost a few resources.

“We couldn’t simply work harder, we had to work differently.”


Jeto was already in Poly’s martech stack, but it had been used for a more narrow purpose. It was only as they were reviewing the tools at their disposal that they realized the untapped potential of Jeto.

“At first we thought, this tool is limited, it’s only for internal comms to launch smaller Marketo projects,” Allie said. “We started to think creatively on how we could leverage Jeto to fill our resource gap, and we realized it’s actually quite a flexible tool.”

Allie and her team realized that they could extend the ability to create campaigns to the broader organization, without losing governance.


“We decided to offer Jeto as an extension of our central marketing automation service — our ‘self-service’ model,” Allie said.

“We mapped Jeto to our center of excellence templates and provided the org with a ‘menu’ of best practice campaign options: webinars, emails, newsletters, series, landing pages, and data imports.”

Jeto enables Allie and her team to leverage their existing Marketo email templates, both to protect branding and for efficiency. “We didn’t want to pay for an email editor we didn’t need. Plus, not using outside code allowed futureproofing as we made updates in Marketo templates.”

In addition, Jeto makes it possible to clone entire programs, including templates and workflows, and populates tokens automatically. According to Allie, “we can create entire program configurations for individual users. Requesters can produce their most common campaigns very quickly.”

“As long as my template inside Marketo is set up correctly, in general, Jeto does everything right directly. So a new requester can, for the most part, get 99% of the parts right, right off the bat.”

Jeto isn’t just useful for people without Marketo training. The specialists on Allie’s team also use Jeto in order to automate manual tasks.

“We don’t just use Jeto for campaigns, we also use it for data import programs,” Allie said. “It’s tedious and it takes a long time. With Jeto, I just fill in form fields, then the program gets cloned, following proper naming conventions, and turns on all the campaigns for me.”


With Jeto, Poly has been able to:

  • Simplify the back-and-forths between campaign requesters and marketing specialists.
  • Give requesters more autonomy to create their own campaigns and preview work.
  • Decrease MOPs involvement in campaign execution.
  • Decrease turnaround time for campaigns by up to 60%

“We’re meeting a higher volume of projects within the same time frames,” Allie said. “Jeto has taken out a lot of the busy work of the campaign execution process, so we’re focused on the marketing automation aspect of things.”

“Right now Jeto accounts for 30% of campaigns launched. Our goal is to scale the tool to a place where we can support 80-90% of requests.”

Jeto has helped us decrease turnaround time for campaigns by up to 60%.

Jeto has features for every step of campaign execution.

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