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Get ahead in the digital age by scaling marketing initiatives securely, in full compliance, and on brand.

Security and Compliance

End users work through Jeto, whereby they fill out a simple form which then populates the campaign in Marketo via the Marketo API. Full HIPAA compliance!

No Training Necessary

Empower your employees or even volunteers with user accounts on Jeto so they can create campaigns via a simple form. No Marketo training necessary.

Messaging on Brand

You control the design and flow on every campaign, event, and email. In just a few clicks, you can set the template colours, logo, and fonts that define your brand.

How It Works

Jeto is a quick, easy, and cost effective way to help scale your Marketing initiatives. Leveraging the power of Marketo, it helps you and your team be more efficient, reduce the risk of errors, and maintain HIPAA compliance and data privacy in your lead and consumer communications.

Marketers can create Marketo campaigns without ever setting foot into Marketo. Jeto automates manual work for marketing operations by 70 percent, and most importantly, ensures marketers stick to the right templates, branding, and lists, thereby giving your Global Operations/Marketing team the freedom it needs to focus on more strategic initiatives.

When Internal Campaign Requests Become Overwhelming

Jeto Brings Big Bottom-Line Results

Read the story about alleviating burnout and the potential for turnover for a major health care company in Denver:

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Give yourself peace of mind and trust your extended team to market securely and on brand by using Jeto today.

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