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Video Transcript

Looking to scale your marketing operations while mitigating the risks of campaign errors?

Jeto enables non-technical people to leverage the power of Marketo without the complexity and risks associated with them using it directly.

In this short demo, we will show you the three main parts of Jeto.

One, how your Jeto users (which we’ll call Collaborators) can easily create campaigns.

Two, how you, as the Administrator, will be able to review and approve these campaigns quickly, saving you a ton of time.

Three, how you, again as an Administrator, can control and share Campaign Launchers to empower Collaborators in and even outside your organization.

Let’s start! For part 1, let’s say I’m a Field Marketer who needs to set up a meetup event.

Once logged in, I can click on the green plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start the campaign creation process.

Then I select the type of campaign I would like to create. I can only see the type of campaign my Administrator shared with me.

Now, I’m presented with a choice of several different campaign launchers within the type I selected, based on what the Administrator has set up and shared with me. So let’s select the Meetup launcher. By clicking on it, I will be taken to a form to fill out.

All I have to do now is enter the requested information. As a Collaborator, I can even add files and images to my campaign if my Administrator has enabled those fields. Throughout the entire process, I can click on ”preview” to see what my emails and landing pages will look like with the information I’ve entered. I can go back and edit the details by clicking Edit Campaign. I can view the preview as many times as necessary, and even send a sample email. Once I’m done, all I have to do is click Submit.

In three easy steps, I was able to successfully create a campaign in Marketo, without even knowing it! Jeto has taken all the information in the form and stored it in the new program tokens.

And to wrap up the Collaborator experience, let’s imagine that few days later, I want to change the location for my event. All I need to do is go back to my campaign in my dashboard and click on edit. The form will then appear with all previously entered values. I’ll go ahead and change the venue location and click on submit to update the campaign in real time. I can make as many changes as I’d like—no more endless back and forth!

For the second part of the demo, let’s switch roles and imagine I’m the Administrator.

As a Jeto Administrator, I will be notified by email when a Collaborator creates, or updates, a campaign in Jeto. While the details of the campaign are listed in the email, they can also be viewed directly in Marketo by clicking on the Access Campaign button, making it easy to locate the appropriate program.

As the Administrator, you can review the token values inside the program, make any necessary adjustments, and schedule or activate the campaigns. Or if you prefer, you could configure Jeto to automatically do it for you.

Now in this last part of the demo, let’s look at how Jeto is configured.

So again, as the Jeto Administrator, I can create and edit Launchers as well as invite users and share Launchers with them.

By clicking the green plus sign, I can create a new Launcher. Select the Marketo program to be cloned, pick a destination folder, and give a name to your launcher.

A new form with a series of commonly used fields will appear. Here, I can add, edit, or delete fields as necessary. By clicking on edit, I can select a field type and drag it into the form.

For each field, I can add the matching Marketo token, update the label and its position, mark the field as mandatory, restrict the number of characters, and much more. Once I have configured all the necessary fields in the form, I can click save and the Launcher is ready to be shared and used by collaborators.

To share a launcher with Collaborators, I select “share” from the main page and select the user, or group of users, I want to share the Launcher with. These users will be notified by email and will now see this new Launcher as one of their options next time they go to create a campaign.

Remember, each Launcher can be edited any time.

And that’s it for this quick demo overview of Jeto.

It’s not rocket science, it’s Jeto.

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