Scale your marketing operations with franchisees like never before—on brand and secure.

Consistent Branding

You decide how your branding is going to be applied to every campaign, event, and email. In just a few clicks, you can set the template colours, logo, and fonts that define your brand.

Create More Campaigns

Franchisees can easily create an event, email blast, webinar, or sms with your branding and sent via your Marketo instance, without ever having set foot in your instance.

Security and Peace of Mind

Franchisees work through Jeto, whereby they fill out a simple form which then populates the campaign in your Marketo instance via the Marketo API.

How It Works

Get access to all the analytics, automation, integration, and other features Marketo provides without giving your franchisees the keys to your instance. Jeto allows each franchisee to send out independent campaigns at any time with consistent corporate branding while ensuring your Marketo instance is as secure as ever. With this setup, you can free up your central marketing operations team so they can focus on their own campaigns, new innovation, and more.

Give yourself peace of mind and trust your franchisees to market on brand by using Jeto today.

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