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Why One of America’s Largest Financial Institutions Chose Jeto for their Campaign Operations Needs

Lindsay DiLemmo February 27, 2023

A staggering 40 percent of workers spend at least a quarter of their workweek on tedious, repetitive tasks (Smartsheet). 

There’s a reason why 65 percent of workers use some type of automation in their daily work – leveraging automation helps you win back time, regain focus on high-priority tasks, and ultimately, gives you an edge against competition. 

When it comes to campaign operations, we’ve all felt the pain of repetitive tasks  – whether it’s the incessant back-and-forth communication, trying to track down missing assets (oftentimes, to no avail), or simply waiting on your developer to update landing page or email template assets. 

There’s a huge opportunity to reduce costs and cut down on manual tasks in campaign operations. Recently, our client, a global financial institution, was experiencing similar pain points. Learn how they leveraged Jeto to win back time and regain focus on high-impact projects!

The Problem

Our client is no stranger to broken campaign processes. They were struggling with a lack of collaboration amongst teams and heavily relied on developers, which oftentimes stalled their campaigns. 

Although our client had a formal process in place, inefficiencies arose due to the following pain points:

  • Requests were urgent and processes weren’t always followed.
  • Marketers would submit their program without copy, which led to 4-5 rounds of revisions. This would restart the build process, as marketers would submit copy that does not fit within the email design.

These issues were not only time-consuming but also steered the focus away from strategic work.

Our client needed a solution that would empower their team to collaborate easier and remove reliance on developers. Since Jeto also has the ability to restrict operational backend access to approved and trained users of Marketo, these guardrails were a major selling point of Jeto. 

Ultimately, our client wanted to remove the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that contributed to delayed SLA time and quicker stakeholder approval. This would ultimately allow them to launch campaigns as scheduled (if not earlier).

The Solution

With Jeto, our client’s marketing operations team is back in the driver’s seat. Now that they are using Jeto, our client is able to control workflows and the QA process in order to ensure correct audience and data integrity. 

Stakeholders are able to preview and comment or request changes (either via a test email or via a secured preview link) and give approval through Jeto. Users can view a recorded history of all changes requested. Not to mention, Jeto provides a recorded history of all changes requested. 

This provides not only increased collaboration but also transparency. 

campaign operations platform

In Jeto, users are able to view and resolve comments directly in the preview. Users are able to automatically notify people based on their roles and permissions.

Our client also leverages Jeto’s API to connect their project management tool. Jeto’s API enables the integration of project management tools, CRMs, and more, so that users no longer have to jump between platforms. 

💡Curious to learn more about integrating your campaign ops tech stack? Read more here.

The Results

After using Jeto, our client’s marketing operations team has increased bandwidth for strategic and high-priority projects.

Our client no longer has to worry about breaking brand guidelines or issues with compliance. This is because Jeto streamlines brand and legal compliance by enabling guardrails around fonts, colors, legally-required sections, and other important elements in assets. This prevents users from using the wrong templates or disclosures.

Now, our client’s campaign creation process is streamlined with Jeto’s customizable intake forms, which can be integrated with project management platforms. This streamlines the campaign creation process and allows project managers to monitor the progression of campaigns.

Lastly, with Jeto, our client has increased peace of mind over their data. That’s because Jeto is a secure platform that does not access sensitive client and prospect information from Marketo. 

Jeto only accesses and modifies asset components. All information sent from Jeto to Marketo goes through encrypted data transfer and all information stored in their database is encrypted, providing optimal security and peace of mind.


Now that our client is leveraging Jeto to remove the inefficiencies associated with campaign operations, they are able to regain focus on high-priority projects. Not only this but the marketing team is empowered to take back control of marketing initiatives and remove reliances with other teams. 

This ensures that everyone’s time is spent in the right places, making the team more productive and efficient. 

And some final words from our client?

“Jeto is a reliable partner when resolving functional problems that may arise during implementation and use, especially since their parent company is Perkuto + MERGE.”

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