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How Intimo Used Jeto to Scale Marketing Automation

Jeto Team April 12, 2018

Intimo, Australia’s leading lingerie brand, is a direct selling company. They possess one of the most comprehensive bra fitting processes in the lingerie industry and pride themselves on being consummate hosts providing exceptional customer service.

In order to achieve this, the company employs fifty team members and works with approximately two thousand affiliated contractors. These contractors are self-employed fitting specialists who organize and host fifteen hundred in-home sales events and lingerie fittings per month.

How Can We Keep up with All These Programs?

In an effort to better communicate and connect with their clients, Intimo attempted to apply Marketo event programs to handle all aspects of the in-home sales events. Initially, the use of Marketo assisted sales representatives and fitting specialists to market sales events resulting in a staggering 15,000 to 45,000 campaigns running per month.

Though the use of Marketo proved somewhat difficult due to first iterations requiring in-depth manual technical intervention, the implementation of Marketo immensely improved and transformed the way Intimo interacted with their clients.

However, it was only accessible by the company’s sales team (not the independent contractors, due to risk and lack of technical knowledge and training in the platform). This created huge bottlenecks.

They wanted to manage the complete journey from registration to post-event activity into a single Marketo program for each event, yet keeping up with the sheer number of events to create and execute eventually proved impossible.


Resolving Impediments by Working with Jeto

“Jeto has allowed us at Intimo to leverage our marketing automation, Marketo, in a way that it was never really designed for.”
– Matthew Varone, Digital Marketing Manager, Intimo

In order to address this, Intimo partnered with Perkuto’s powerful web-form-to-Marketo app Jeto. Jeto allowed the company’s non-technical fitting specialists to easily create and launch the required marketing campaigns in Marketo without ever stepping foot inside the platform.

Intimo chose Jeto because it:

  • Provides a premium reservations administration program intended to support sales efforts.
  • Is user friendly, intuitive, and simple to use—no training required.
  • Simplifies data capturing processes and deployment of successions of automated campaigns that built consumer demand pre-and post-sales call.
  • Allows for exceptional follow up-marketing capabilities.
  • Supports a large number of users.
  • Has a simple Marketo adoption and use of Marketo API.
  • Allowed for essential three-way communication between the fitting specialist, host, and guests that would be private, on brand, and professionally executed.

Web-Form-to-Campaign Application for Marketo

“With the implementation of marketing automation and Jeto, it’s given us a window into the customer, which has allowed us to understand the customer journey, and market to them appropriately throughout that journey.”
– Matthew Varone, Digital Marketing Manager, Intimo

Creating Marketo event programs via Jeto means that Intimo can deploy an authoritative marketing automation application that drives significant business performance.

Furthermore, it allows for a direct system to connect with clients via a unique and personalized method through influential remarketing campaigns, not to mention extra features such as velocity scripting, segmented content, and A/B testing.

All of Intimo’s fitting specialists can now fully leverage the power of Marketo without ever stepping foot inside it!

The Results

Results proved above and beyond anyone’s expectations. The main functionality and improvements made include:

  • Email database increased from 0 to 50,000 contacts in just a few months, and is expected to grow to 80,000 by December, 2018.
  • Building relationships quicker and more effectively.
  • Marketing events can be managed by a single individual instead of multiple team members.
  • New access to multiple lead types.
  • Campaign creation and launch times have decreased by more than 80% from 8 to 1.5 minutes.
  • Revenue per client spend increased significantly.
  • 50% decline in event cancellations and deferments.
  • 25% increase in attendance.
  • New business development opportunities are subtly offered to clients through behavioral indicators.

Since implementation, Intimo has improved strategic marketing initiatives and client retention efforts, and has seen significant increases in revenue. Ultimately, Jeto helped Intimo grow their sales team and their many affiliated contractors, and empowered them all to perform at their best.

“Our success relies upon three core metrics: sales, how many people attend our events or fittings, and what the average spend is per buyer. There has been a direct correlation between the implementation of Jeto and an increase across all those three metrics.”
– Matthew Varone, Digital Marketing Manager, Intimo

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