Higher Education

Increase your marketing operations across faculties without any misfires, mistakes, or cumbersome training processes.

Reach the Right People

Users select from a pre-populated list of campaign options and you get the final say on pushing it live, eliminating the risk of something being sent to the wrong people.

No Training Required

All you need to do is give your employees or volunteers user accounts on Jeto to create campaigns via a simple form. No training necessary.

Scale and Grow

Users can create and run campaigns at will, on brand, and to the right audience. Automate your marketing operations processes like never before.

How It Works

Your institution is tasked with training tomorrow’s leaders. Between recruiting new students and faculty, running programs for existing ones, coordinating between multiple departments and disciplines, and reaching out to alumni and donors, let’s just say you’ve got your hands full!

With all the moving parts involved, you need to be absolutely certain that your campaigns go to the right audience. With Jeto, take the guesswork out of the equation. Furthermore, you can automate the follow-up, track leads, and generate engagement—leading to more enrolments, programs, and funding.

Users can easily create an event, email blast, sms, or webinar with your branding and sent via your Marketo instance, without ever having set foot in your instance. Instead, they work through Jeto, whereby thereby they fill out a simple form which then populates the campaign in your Marketo instance via the Marketo API.

With Jeto, you can scale and grow in a completely safe and secure way.

Jeto Has Led to a General Sense of Relief across the Board

Hear the story of a public research institution, their devastating mistake, and the solution applied to make email marketing simpler and error-free for all involved:

Give yourself peace of mind and trust your faculties to market on brand by using Jeto today.

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