Field Marketers / Direct Selling Companies

Fearlessly combine in-person marketing with the digital experience to increase exposure and boost sales.

More Time with Leads

Field marketers can set up their important sales events and campaigns, giving them more time with their leads and multiple contact points.

Safe Automation

Automate the follow-up, track leads, and generate engagement—leading to more sales. Valuable insight without any security risk.

Create More Campaigns

Jeto enables field marketers to fill out a simple form which then populates the campaign in your Marketo instance via the Marketo API.

How It Works

It isn’t easy being analog in a digital world, but you know the old ways are still effective. Signs, kiosks, free samples, and gift baskets still have their place in an advertiser’s tool bag, but it’s getting harder to get people to commit on the spot.

With Jeto, field marketers can create and run campaigns around the clients they’re meeting and where they’re meeting them at.

Jeto allows field marketers to easily create an event, email blast, sms, or webinar with your corporate branding and sent via your Marketo instance, without them ever having set foot in your instance.

Each field marketer can send out independent campaigns at any time with consistent corporate branding while ensuring your Marketo instance is as secure as ever. Furthermore, it frees up your central marketing operations team so they can focus on their own campaigns, new innovation, and more.

Intimo Uses Jeto to Scale Marketing Automation

See how Jeto enabled Intimo’s non-technical fitting specialists to easily create and launch marketing campaigns in Marketo without ever setting foot inside it:

Give yourself peace of mind and trust your field marketers to market on brand by using Jeto today.

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