Non-Profit Organizations

Empower volunteers to get your important message out to the world like never before.

On Brand Campaigns

Emails, events, webinars, you name it—give local branches and volunteers the ability to market powerfully and on brand.

Save Time—and the World!

Free up your central marketing operations person or team so they can focus on what they really need to do—helping to make the world a better place.

Easy to Use

Easily create campaigns by filling out a simple form which then populates the campaign in your Marketo instance via the Marketo API.

How It Works

You’re not a profit-hungry business; you’re all about ensuring, preventing, protecting, or eliminating the right or wrong person, place, or thing! There’s no product or service to drive people toward, it’s all about spreading awareness/stirring to action/warning of calamity. Not to mention the havoc the volunteers might cause if any of them mess the system up…

What if your employees and volunteers were able to send emails tailored to each person they met, written at any time but scheduled to send when they want them to, on brand? Think about the impact it would have if they could all set up pre-designed campaigns without actually going into your Marketo instance. That’s easy to accomplish with Jeto. The user-friendly interface, the common-sense campaign templates, and the ease of access allow anyone to take part.

Each volunteer or employee can send out independent campaigns at any time with consistent corporate branding while ensuring your Marketo instance is as secure as ever. All you need to do is give your employees or volunteers user accounts on Jeto to create campaigns.

Give yourself peace of mind and trust your volunteers and employees to market on brand by using Jeto today.

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